Twas December 24th and some presents had not been bought (or why I want a goat for Christmas)

Twas Decemeber 24th and some presents had not been bought (gasp!). Maybe you have left it until the absolute last minute, or you really didn´t know what to get those who have it all. But do not worry, it can still be fixed. Just get them a goat, or a pig, or some bees. That´s what they really want for Christmas.

oxfam a dozen chicksoxfam pigoxfam kids for kids

Before you start wondering where you are going to get the goat and if it is bad manners to gift puppies, then goats must be an absolute no-no, let me just say they will be gifted a pig, but they will not actually get it. Oxfam is one of those international charities that contribute to make the world a better place, regarles of many of the factors some other organizations take into account. They have a great selection of gift ideas at, ranging from bees to alpacas to training a midwife. Those gifts go to a family or community who need them, inching them away from poverty. Like giving the fishing rod and teaching them how to fish.

So if you are really stuck, go over to the Oxfam website and check out their awesome selection of gifts and make more than one person happy this Christmas, and have yourself a merry little Christmas too.


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