New Year´s resolutions fail

I have a confession to make: I have already failed at my New Year´s resolutions. I know, I suck. I read all the “How to keep your resolution” posts. Most of them were really good and offered solid advice. But I have another confession to make: I actually even failed at setting my resolutions. I sat with my blank sheet of paper and tried to think up of 13 resolutions for 2013, as was fitting. I eventually came up with 7, and most of them weren´t even SMART goals. It was really more of a to-do list. And I suck at to-do lists.


There are many methods to getting things done, including GTD ;), and most work for me when I am motivated to do things. I have found that I have two main problems with my lists:

1.- There are too many things on it, so I can´t get it all done.

2.- Something comes up and I run out of time.

3.- I can´t be bothered don´t find the motivation to do everything I set myself up to do.

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It all comes down to fluctuating energy and motivation levels. When I set myself up to do too much, I feel like I could walk a 1000 miles. I usually do quite a lot of things on list when I´m on top of the owrld. But, other days, I feel completely sapped and just want to lounge and watch tv or read.

I guess there is really only 1 resolution I need to work on and keep:

Do better to-do lists and keep them.

I think that, in order to do this, I need to:

  1. Prioritize.
  2. Chart my energy levels throughout the day and the month.
  3. Get more exercise and sleep.
  4. Make more realistic to-do lists.
  5. Give myself a break.

How about you, have you already not kept a resolution?


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