Some thoughts from the weekend

This weekend has been quite good: on Friday I had 2 lessons and I got paid. Then I spent that oh-so-recently earned money on a Christmas lunch with the people in the departament I interned at earlier this year. I had some of those conversations that people with a job seem to just get into with people without one.

For example:

Them: I didn´t expect to see you here.

Me: Ehem, I know, Someone called me a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to come, and it seemed fun.

Them: So, what have you been up to? Got a job yet?

Me: well, I´ve done (insert several big achievements here).

Them: So, no job. Yeah, this economy blah blah blah.

This actually happened more than just a couple of times. Maybe it´s like when you are single and surrounded by married couples and all they can think to tell you is to find a husband and that the clock is ticking. Or when you are married and the child- ridden insist you reproduce. What is with that? Or worse still, do I do that too?

It´s a good thing I did sign up for that Master´s because, not only were they quite impressed, but my boss, who is not only and amazing engineer, but a lovely man, told me to go back and ask for a job directly once I finished it. So it seems like I made a good decision. Yay for me.

Then I met Grasshopper and we thought up of a Anniversary plan. We ended going to a cute apartment in the mountains close to where we live, for 70% off the price and had a very nice time. He even got me a present, which I didn´t expect and which I loved.

Today we had lunch with his family and then I had my nephew and niece´s birthday party. I got them really simple small gifts this year, but it seems I hit the nail on the head, because they ripped them open and started using them the moment I gave them the presents. And they bragged about their new possesions and about the fact that I was the giver of the gifts.

So how was yor weekend?

Thanks to Phaitoonfor the photo.


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