I can´t believe I spent money on that!

Over at the Well Heeled Blog, she wrote about which expenses are deemed wrong by others. My last blog post was about this exact topic and I thought it is only fair to out my own outrageous expenses in the process. So these are the things I spend money on that cause general frowning.

  1.  Gasoline: I drive a very old car. It is one year younger than me, so you do the math. Its mileage is not good so I spend loads of money just leaving my house as, at the moment, I am living far away from any sort of public transportation system. But until I have the cash for a new one, and this one goes to car heaven, it is economically worthwhile to drive him (yes, my car is a dude. I call him Big Blue, even though his white, because of the Stephany Plum novels).
  2. Shoes: I buy high quality almost always leather shoes that are quite expensive. However, these shoes not only take the shape of my foot and last for years but are also classy and elegant and can be worn at work and at play. Because of this, I don´t have that very many shoes in the closet.
  3. Presents: I love giving presents and lots of them so Christmas, my family´s and Grasshopper´s birthdays are a big part of that month´s budget. Sometimes a ridiculous part of the budget but it just makes me happy.
  4. Education: I´m usually taking some sort of course or a class. What else could I do in the evenings? What would become of me?
  5. Charitable giving: I contribute to a charity called Women for women. I have done so even when my only source of income was my parents´ allowance. Now I´m unemployed, most people tell me I should stop, but I have made a commitment to my sponsored sister and it is not something I can just give up. I also give money to some street people I know, whenever I can.
  6. Travel.

What so you think about my spending? Should I cut back on some of these categories?


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