Other people´s crazy spending week

I don´t know if this has always happened and I´m just taking more notice or if the people around me have suddendly had a mass random spending spree. A few people I know have been having a rough time: many of my friends form college have yet to find a decent non-internship job that pays a reasonable wage for reasonablee hours, many of my friends parents have been laid off or had to close their business and some of the people I know who moved out of their parents´ house are having to go back.

And yet, instead of buckling up and tightening their belts, and spending habits, I am hearing complaints that they don´t have money for a bus pass/ medical treatment / other necessity because they have spent it, and I kid you not on:

  • a vaccum operated ironing board and an ironing station.
  • an evening gown.
  • a professional car clean up.
  • once and twice a week hairdressing apppointment.
  • salmon/steak for dinner several times a week.
  • garden furniture, because it´s on sale.

And even more unsettling are some purchases charged on their credit card when the actual money run out.

  • psychic consultations.
  • infomertial purchases (a spider pan, anyone?).
  • dinners out.
  • a new plasma TV to replace the outdated one.

Now I know I should not be looking at sawdust in other people´s eye instead of at the log in my own, but what if I´m the neighnour with the dust and some of the people around me are walking around with logs in their eyes? What do I do about that?


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